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About this Project

Help us ignite Brighton with an outpouring of passion, fun and fireworks to wish goodbye to the old year and usher in the new in a unique celebration of community and togetherness!

Every year on 21st December, the shortest day of the year, Same Sky – Brighton’s community art charity – produces a much-loved free event in Brighton called Burning the Clocks. The event combines a family lantern procession with a spectacular fire and fireworks show, bringing the whole city together to celebrate.

Burning the Clocks is a unique community event in which local people make their own paper and willow lanterns. After carrying them through the city in a lantern parade they pass them into the fire on Brighton beach, as a token of the year’s end. Then a dazzling fire show is set in motion, in which a massive fire sculpture is ignited, live music plays, and fireworks light up the sky!

Burning the Clocks was created in 1994 as an antidote to the excesses of the commercial Christmas and as a way to celebrate the festive season regardless of faith or creed. It is free and the route is suitable for all ages and abilities. Over 2,000 people now take part in the parade and over 20,000 spectators turn out to watch.

In order to put on the fabulous fire show that ends the event, Same Sky need to raise £2,000. £3,000 will allow us to add spectacular fireworks and £4,000 will create the breathtaking display that we’d like to end the night. Please help us to make this happen!

This project is part of the NCVO Crowdfunding Challenge 2012 - follow the challenge on Twitter at #crowdfunding2012

Get Involved

Here are some great ways to get involved with the project and help out:
If you have...
2 minutes –
Back this project!
5 minutes –
Send an email to your friends and family about Burning the Clocks and encourage them to get involved.
15 minutes –
Put a message on every social media site you’re a member of to help spread the word.
30 minutes –
Visit www.samesky.co.uk to read about our other projects and find out how you could get involved.
A few hours –
Print out some information about this crowdfunder and put it on local noticeboards or speak to local groups to see if you can encourage them to get involved.
A regular time commitment –
Excellent! Get in touch as we would love to hear from you.

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Geographical coverage
Within a city/shire
What is the social/environmental problem/issue that this project will address?
In the current economic times, it’s important that people have a free celebration that brings them together and connect them with their community.
Can you give us some statistics on this problem?
Some participant comments from last year’s event included:

“For me and the SuperDads who were involved, it was a demonstration of community and a connection to a true spirit of Christmas time, and a relief to not have to fork out more money at this expensive time of year.”

Workshop participant

“Amazing and beautiful, fun and vibrant and really important at this time of year!” Anna Tuggey, participant
What is your solution?
Same Sky, Brighton’s community art charity, created Burning the Clocks to act as an antidote to the excesses of the commercial Christmas and as a way for the people of Brighton to celebrate the festive season, regardless of faith or creed.
Same Sky’s free outreach workshops give people pride in themselves and connect them with their community.
How will you deliver this?
The event itself and the outreach lantern-making workshops.

About Us

Vision and Mission
Same Sky creates imaginative events and workshops to strengthen communities, inspire individuals and brighten people's lives.
Our Track Record
Same Sky has worked for over 26 years to help communities celebrate and create their own events and show off their uniqueness.
Awards and Accreditations
Burning the clocks won the Argus achievement award in 2011. Same Sky has won various awards for its events and workshops.
Project Contact Details
Jenny Bootle
Organisation Details
Same Sky
The Annexe Belmont Street
Brighton, East Sussex


Company Limited by Guarantee #02244350
Registered Charity #1042454

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Chris Slann
Well done all - looking forward to bringing our Arts Award students to be inspired by a first class outdoor arts evetn. Chris and FRankie and all at The New Carnival Company, Isle of Wight

Same Sky Jenny
Thanks all! One of the lovely things about this campaign has been seeing all the support for Same Sky and Burning the Clocks.

Always a fantastic show and put on by such hard working, imaginative and warm people. Long may u rule!

Well done on getting this far. I look forward to my lanterns! :-)

Olivia Norton
We've been wanting to come to Burning the Clocks since doing a workshop with SameSky in Chichester for their festival years ago! Hurrah, glad we can come this year! How do we book for a shaker workshop....?


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Be part of the line-up passing the lanterns into the bonfire in the fantastic beachshow!
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Artist Experience: Join one of our artists for a tour of the Same Sky workshop, and a lesson in willow sculpting and lantern making (for 1 adult and up to 2 children). Make your own lantern to take in the parade!
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Go Getter
Lead the parade!
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Pay for the legendary fireshow on the beach
Fireshow and fireworks
Allow for a firework display
The fireshow and firework display we’d like to give you
Will enable us to do that bit extra and make the fireshow and fireworks really special!
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