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If you’re a charity or social entrepreneur, have an amazing project you want to get off the ground, or a bright idea that you need funding to make a reality, then we want to hear from you!

What Benefits Does Buzzbnk offer if you are considering to launch a crowdfunding campaign?

- Upfront support to help you design and build your crowdfunding campaign.

- Our "Milestone" concept which helps you break down your target into realistic stepping stones towards your overall goal (you keep all funds raised if you reach at least your 1st milestone, it works like a tipping point). 

- If you are a UK Registered Charity we can offer a fully automated collection of Gift Aid for those projects and benefits which are applicable.

- Its YOUR campaign - we don't set any limits on how long you can fundraise for and as you reach each milestone you are welcome to extend your fundraising period to aim for that next big goal.

- We have one of the lowest card transaction fees in the sector - only 2% for credit cards and only 37 pence for Debit Cards. We offer multiple ways for your supporters to pay - including by cheque or bank transfer for amounts of £500 or more. 

- We have a Gift Certificate function so that you can encourage your network to buy Gift Certificates in your project for family and friends.

- Off-line contributions. Have you raised a significant amount off-line and want to reflect that in your target? Given the most important thing for us is that you can achieve your positive outcome, we are happy to book that contribution and will not charge you a commission fee on it. (Hope it is okay but to be fair to all, we will ask you for some proof of the contribution that it is going towards your project, such as a grant letter you have received).

- As Buzzbnk is a Social Enterprise and a member of Social Enterprise UK - we will give you a shout out on twitter for using Buzzbnk as part of the #BuySocial campaign. 

Here are a few things to consider:

We are looking for Charities and Social Enterpises.

We are looking for organisations who's main purpose is to create a positive social or environmental impact.

Are you a registered charity, not-for-profit, community interest company (CIC), coop (IPS) or for-profit social enterprise (e.g. who meets the Social Enteprise UK or Social Enterprise Mark criteria)? Then we would be very pleased to help you raise the critical funds you need to carry out your good work!

Funding Target

We are happy to think big, but realistically crowdfunding works better for fundraising target between £5,000 and £30,000 although we have helped projects raise as little as £600 and as much as £112,000! We are as equally inspired by the small projects as we are by big ones.

If your total budget for your project is more than £5,000 - £30,000, we would suggest you divide it into milestones and start with something simple and achievable. Our unique Milestone concept will help you build stepping stones to future success and as long as you reach your 1st Milestone, you keep all funds raised.


Remember, crowdfunding is not quick-fix for getting funding overnight. But with your commitment and cooperation, our team is always ready to help you set up your project as fast as we can. Once the project is live on the Buzzbnk site, we expect you’ll need another 60 - 100 days to reach your target depending on the funding need, fundraising effort and public response to your project.

The more time you have spent on desiging and planning your project in advance of launch, the more chance you will have for a successful project. 

Ready to get started? Then either:

Find us at one of our regular Events and come and talk to one of Buzzbnk team members

Or click here to fill in our Initial Assessment Questionnaire, and our Crowdfunding Community Manager will get in touch to follow up and help you get started.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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