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Buzzbnk is an on-line crowd-funding platform bringing social ventures looking for start-up or growth capital together with like-minded people keen to participate in a new way of funding social change. Social enterprises or charities can raise funding for a wide range of projects in a variety of ways, from offering fun and engaging benefits, in return for goods or services, or as a loan.

Since launch in January 2011, Buzzbnk has helped raise over £725,000 for 80 socially- and environmentally-minded projects.

What Benefits Does Buzzbnk offer if you are considering to launch a crowdfunding campaign?

Upfront support to help you design and build your crowdfunding campaign.

- Our "Milestone" concept which helps you break down your target into realistic stepping stones towards your overall goal (you keep all funds raised if you reach at least your 1st milestone, it works like a tipping point). 

- If you are a UK Registered Charity we can offer a fully automated collection of Gift Aid for those projects and benefits which are applicable.

- Its YOUR campaign - we don't set any limits on how long you can fundraise for and as you reach each milestone you are welcome to extend your fundraising period to aim for that next big goal.

- We have one of the lowest card transaction fees in the sector - only 2% for credit cards and only 37 pence for Debit Cards. We offer multiple ways for your supporters to pay - including by cheque or bank transfer for amounts of £500 or more. 

- We have a Gift Certificate function so that you can encourage your network to buy Gift Certificates in your project for family and friends.

Off-line contributions. Have you raised a significant amount off-line and want to reflect that in your target? Given the most important thing for us is that you can achieve your positive outcome, we are happy to book that contribution and will not charge you a commission fee on it. (Hope it is okay but to be fair to all, we will ask you for some proof of the contribution that it is going towards your project, such as a grant letter you have received).

- As Buzzbnk is a Social Enterprise and a member of Social Enterprise UK - we will give you a shout out on twitter for using Buzzbnk as part of the #BuySocial campaign. 


And did you know we also help raise loans? 

If you are an organisation looking to raise repayable finance - we offer three types of Loans - you can see our FAQs for more information and watch our little video on "Lending for Good" below.

You can also "mash-up" your loan offer with rewards as well. Here is an exciting example from Pants to Poverty to get you inspired: www.buzzbnk.org/bonkofpants


Who's behind Buzzbnk? #buysocial ... giving back to the community

Buzzbnk is a Social Enterprise, backed and owned 58% by leading charities and foundations in the UK including the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Tudor Trust and the Wates Foundation with a social purpose to reinvest and support the charity and social enterprise community and the development of the social investment sector.

Buzzbnk has also won an Innovation in Giving award, a fund created by the UK Cabinet Office and NESTA, which backs innovative ideas for increasing participation in social and environmental change.

By using Buzzbnk, you are "Buying Social", participating in the social enterprise movement and helping to "pay it forward" to charities and social enterprises of the future.


Hear more about Crowdfunding and Buzzbnk from one of our co-founders, Theresa Burton here:


To learn more about crowdfunding click here: What is Crowdfunding?



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