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About this Project

Who Made Your Pants? is a social business creating jobs for women who need them. We turn perfect fabrics left over from the lingerie industry into gorgeous new pants and real opportunities, primarily for women who are refugees from places like Afghanistan, Somalia and the Sudan, right here in the UK. We're called Who Made Your Pants? because we tell you who made your pants, and our tiny factory in Southampton is open to visit a few times a year – next one, December 4th.

We empower women through work – we believe that there is nothing more empowering than earning your own money and making your own choice about how to spend it. Our team have learned enough technical skill to make two products really well. To teach them new skills, we need to make a new type of pants, and to do that, we need a new type of machine.

Get Involved

Here are some great ways to get involved with the project and help out:
If you have...
2 minutes –
Donate via Buzzbnk, follow us on Twitter @whomadeyour or Facebook www.facebook.com/whomadeyourpants and share our story and aims with your friends.
5 minutes –
Browse our website www.whomadeyourpants.co.uk and buy some pants safe in the knowledge that you'll know who made them.
15 minutes –
Email hello@whomadeyourpants.co.uk, ask to be put on the list for our Open Day on December 4th, and then return the booking form
30 minutes –
Blog about us and what you think of what we do – tell us and we'll promote your post!
A few hours –
Become a pants evangelist and over afternoon tea or a night at the pub, tell your friends all about us. We can send flyers and information to help. If you're local, there's always on site volunteering available. Or sign up to be on our 'I'd love to help sell pants at events' list' Email hello@whomadeyourpants.co.uk for more info on any of these.
A regular time commitment –
On site and remote volunteers always welcome! On site we need volunteers to help with the day to day admin and pick, pack, dispatch. Remote or onsite we need a PHP web developer for a short project. Email hello@whomadeyourpants.co.uk with a suggestion of what you'd like to do and we'll take it from there!

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Geographical coverage
Within a city/shire
What is the social/environmental problem/issue that this project will address?
This particular project will address a fundamental issue around confidence building and employability, that of versatility. We know that our team are getting good at what they do with us but we want them to learn that they can do more than they think – many are pigeonholing themselves and we know they can do more. We want them to see that versatility and a broad skill base is key to them moving up either within our project or moving on externally – some of our team had good jobs in the countries they had to leave but have had their lives, expectations and self belief changed dramatically. Right now most of our team do one job here and that's it – we want them to be able to do all the jobs, and more, and then start asking us about office work so we can promote them...
Can you give us some statistics on this problem?
TBDOf the women we have worked with, over 50% are ineligible for any financial support but they are all allowed to, and want to, work. We want to create a 'production line' of women coming into our organisation, being trained, training others, gaining transferable skills and leaving.

We have so far engaged with 60 women and we have a wraiting list of around the same number. We cannot take on any new trainees until we can move our current team members skills up.
What is your solution?
Our solution is supportive training and encouragement within a safe, woman only working environment. This particular training project will triple the skill set of our team – it will double their technical sewing and production skills and add significantly to their core skills of versatility, turning their hands to new jobs, and will give their self esteem a vital boost.
How will you deliver this?
We will deliver a training programme in our safe, trusted, women only working environment that is centred around understanding what our team can do, and takes in how best to build on that without shaking their nascent confidence. We will engage our regular trainer, an industry expert who our team love and who brings her knowledge of high end, high volume manufacturing in huge factories to our tiny unit and gives us the best bits of it. We'll teach new skills, use new machinery, and teach the team to look after that machine, make a new product, teach our team how to teach what they are learning, and importantly, we'll support them into being proud of their skills.

About Us

Vision and Mission
Our vision is of the women we support being able to access mainstream UK work and integrate more fully into the UK, and also to be more empowered and financially independent. We focus on empowering marginalised women by providing flexible employment, education and a social and community space. We aim to be the first entry on a British CV, not the last. We do all of this through the medium of employment, delivering employability and personal training and development alongside the actual job.
Our Track Record
Established in 2008, we created our first pants and jobs in 2009. We have engaged with over 60 women in Southampton, and have a strong and loyal team. Three team members have engaged in other work which they would not have secured without this job; one woman paid for her own driving lessons and test and is now independently mobile. Lots of little girls now have a role model of a mum that works and earns her own money – we think this is a huge success.
Who Do We Help?
Marginalised women. We define this as women who are marginalised by their status as refuges, and associated language/cultural barriers. We also plan to work with women marginalised in other ways but our underpinning ethos is to work with women who have had no opportunity, or who have opportunity removed from them
How Do We Deliver This?
Through the medium of work. We provide structured training, starting with English lessons, then sewing lessons then a job. While the women are working we also deliver deep employability training, training in UK cultural and professional norms, and personal skill development such as time management, interpersonal skills, Business English. We also encourage students and local women to volunteer so that groups that may not otherwise mix get a chance to do so, and break down barriers.
Awards and Accreditations
Who Made Your Pants – Finalist. UK Lingerie Awards 2011 Winner, Finalist Co-operative Awards 2011, Winner, Co-operative Awards 2010

Becky John , founder - Independent on Sunday Happy List 2012, Featured and supported social entrepreneur, RSA Spotlight programme 2012, Invited to become Fellow of RSA 2011, UnLtd Level 2 December 2009
Project Contact Details
Becky John
Organisation Details
Who Made Your Pants?
Fairways House Mount Pleasant Industrial Estate

023 80225536

Industrial and Provident Society #30600R

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Becky John
I'm not sure I can reply to individual comments here so - Clare, PurpleBint, Simon(and of course Bookworm Airhead who I thanked already)- thank you!

Clair McMullen
Go Pants!

Simon Whitehouse
Good luck raising the money Becky - I'll encourage others to back you too.

Becky John
Hey Bookworm Airhead, thanks for the confidence!

Bookworm Airhead
Social enterprises FTW! Thanks for the chance to be involved, I'm sure you'll get to your target quickly...


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