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About this Project

The Transition Free Press provides a clear voice reporting on the growing movement to build low carbon, regenerative, and resilient communities. With the Transition movement clearly in focus, Transition Free Press will also report on developments in new economics, relocalisation, food and energy security, social and environmental justice. Unlike the mainstream media, the Transition Free Press will deliver an alternative view of the world, one that isn't controlled by corporations or wealthy individuals.

Developments in these areas are poorly reported in the mainstream press, if at all. These are critically important stories that concerned citizens will want to know about. Indeed, these are stories that must part of the national and international conversation about our ability to adapt to a rapidly changing and increasingly perilous world.

The Transition Free Press is 24-page newspaper containing news, views, and analysis. It’s published quarterly and is available by subscription, as well as through distributing Transition initiatives and other community groups. It will also include branded local news inserts for distributing groups to use. It's produced by a not-for-profit collective and is supported, although not financed by, the Transition Network.

Visit our website for more information and previews! http://transitionfreepress.org/

Get Involved

Here are some great ways to get involved with the project and help out:
If you have...
2 minutes –
Please pledge your support and begin your subscription!
5 minutes –
Post this campaign to your Facebook page and encourage your friends to support the project, too.
15 minutes –
Reach out to your local Transition Town or aligned community group to let them know about the opportunities for distribution and fund raising.
30 minutes –
Consider distributing the Transition Free Press in your community.
A few hours –
Are you a writer, photographer, cartoonist? Consider contributing a piece to the next issue.
A regular time commitment –
Consider joining the team.

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Geographical coverage
Within UK
What is the social/environmental problem/issue that this project will address?
News and information media are narrow and distorted by numerous factors that support “business as usual”. This leaves most people ill-informed about the incredible challenges we face, such as local economic despair, climate change, resource depletion, and ecological degradation, and even more important, the new solutions being pursued by the growing Transition movement. We will raise the profile of these critically important stories as they unfold, providing a valuable link to critical information and giving a voice to a growing movement.
Can you give us some statistics on this problem?
In hundreds of communities around the UK, groups of neighbours have joined together to begin creating change – planting community gardens, reducing energy consumption, and even launching local currencies. These projects are in response to the growing realisation that climate change, resource depletion, and the global, growth-based economy are increasingly threatening the health and well-being of their communities. At last count there were nearly 400 Transition groups in the UK and countless others involved in similar work. They are creating the prototypes of new social and economic innovations to make their towns, villages, and cities resilient and sustainable. Meanwhile, government and big business continue to move at a glacial pace on these issues.
What is your solution?
The Transition Free Press will bring these solutionary stories, their challenges and successes, to the growing number of people comprising this movement. Because it is a newspaper, it will help bring this news to new audiences in a way that’s familiar and credible. It’s low-tech and easily passed along, especially to people with limited or no internet access, especially those people most vulnerable to the effects of austerity and local economic stagnation.
How will you deliver this?
The TFP will be distributed through a growing network of community groups already involved in the Transition movement, and through personal subscriptions. So far, 31 Transition initiatives have already committed to distributing the Transition Free Press in their communities. Local groups will also be able to insert their own branded local news. We will also be promoting personal subscriptions with marketing deal with a well-known progressive magazine.

About Us

Project Contact Details
Jay Tompt
Organisation Details
Transition Free Press sponsored by Transition Town Totnes
43 Fore Street
Totnes, Devon

07989 155410

Company Limited by Guarantee #06287039
Registered Charity #1138865

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Massive congratulations to TFP - £10,000 raised and off we go! :D

Lynn Jones
I have always used Positive News for my lessons with my foreign students and they have always loved it. We need more Positive News and I am so keen on every part of the Transition movement - personal initiative including thermal imaging to promote behaviour change and refurbishment of our 104 gas lamps. We need to be positive and pro-active under the banner of Transition! I'm really looking forward to your free press! Thank you!!


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This sends a shot across the bow of corporate media and launches the Transition Free Press
If our amazing community is able to support TFP with this amount, we’ll be well on our way to developing a broad circulation across the country.
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